Follow Along Videos

This Pregnancy Yoga class package is a class pack made up of 5 videos, each one focusing on something different. 

These videos are catered to mamas to be in their second and third trimesters, with no prior Yoga experience required, just the go ahead from your care provider/doctor.

The class videos are private YouTube links that you will be added to, allowing you to follow along as many times as you wish, in the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience.

Gmail account required to access these private YouTube links


"After my classes with Sophia I feel relaxed, conscious of my breath and the way it helps me with the exercises. Once our sessions end I have the same feelings I get after a relaxing massage.

As a beginner, I really like that the classes are not too hard to follow or very physically demanding but at the same time I feel like me body and muscles are working and I am able to take time to focus on me and my baby. 

The instructions Sophia gives are clear and specific and that really helps me with the "anxiety" of doing something as a beginner and pregnant, or the stress of not being able to follow. The physical contact at the end of her sessions are a great way to complete it and make me feel even more connected to the lessons, because she takes the time to approach everyone personally.

There is nothing I would change about Sophia's sessions, I enjoy them very much and I believe others will too!"


"I feel relaxed and excited during Sophia's classes. I am able to clear my mind and focus on her instructions and my breath. The time passes so fast without me realising and I always want more.

I have been practising yoga for the last two years but have only recently been practicing whist pregnant. The experience of Pregnancy Yoga is amazing and I feel connected to my baby. The exercises are challenging but not difficult to perform. I would definitely recommend these lessons.

I wouldn't change anything in Sophia's sessions, everything is perfect and she is very knowledgeable and wonderful."

Louiza x

"During Sophia's lessons my spirit feels like it's getting calmer, I feel refreshed, like my body is stretching and waking up and like I am able to give attention to myself and my baby bump.

Her classes give me a unique feeling; she is contagious and the fact that I could join her Pregnancy Yoga classes whilst she was pregnant also was inspiring. You are able to focus on the session and forget about everything else.

There isn't anything I would change about Sophia's Pregnancy Yoga classes and I would like to recommend them to other women, whether you have done Yoga or not, Pregnancy Yoga feels beautiful for mama and baby."