"You Choose The Song/Style, I Teach You At Your Level"

Dance classes available in all the below styles/genres.

Bookings for group classes, private lessons and hen parties available.

Street Dance - can cover such a huge range of movement, with light & shade added for effective execution of a movement, learning to perform from the heart & captivate your audience, feel confident in your movement & own style.

Bollywood - a style full of life with both energetic & classical movements, where we can follow along or learn choreographed routines.

Contemporary - a style full of technique from ballet to many contemporary techniques, which bring strength, precision, performance quality, grace & therefore allow us to attack choreography & master freestyle.

Confidence Building Classes - tailor made to the person to help them feel the music, learn & understand their body, get rid of all inhibitions & begin to build a beautiful relationship with movement.

Belly Dance - a style that may appear to not require much but takes control, attack, skill, body awareness & connection & danced to songs that merge movement to the rhythm which makes this style so enticing & beautiful. 

Latin Styles - can vary from salsa to Cuban to bachata & more, learning to ground/connect to the floor, while we feel the rhythm of the music through our whole body & especially our torso & hips.



"Thanks a lot for the dance lessons, seriously! You managed to unlock something in me by doing something I never thought I would do (perform a dance routine in front of my family and friend!)

Thanks so much, really, you are an excellent teacher, thanks for the patience and everything."


I had the fun privilege of being taught dance by Ms Sophia when I was 13. My mom felt I needed confidence and Ms Sophia’s classes gave me that! At first I was a little shy, but her perky talks, warm-ups and fun lessons soon had me out of my shell and enjoying her lessons. She always found something to praise during our sessions and at the same time encouraged me to push harder and do my best. I often think our lessons were a safe space and a growing place for me. 


(Private Dance Lessons)

Hi Sophia,

It was a lovely party where children of different ages were able to join in together and it was so lovely to see their performance at the end. 

Sophie says it’s the best birthday party she’s had! Hope all is welI with you and thanks again. 


(Kids Dance party)

Hi Sophia,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for today. Daisy did not shut up about you all the way home and has shown me her routine.

Once again truly thankful to you.

Regards, Donna

(Private Dance Lesson)