Online Yoga Class

Challenging our strength, balance and flexibility as we establish body awareness through fluid movement.

A energetic class building the relationship between our mind and body, and our breath and body connection.

Every Thursday @ 7 PM - UK Time


"I started yoga with Sophia whilst working at Mill Hill School. Every week it felt like the biggest treat to escape to her lesson for an hour in the middle of my working day.

Sophia's teaching style was effortless, and she managed to adapt poses for all abilities making everyone feel welcome and seen. Her classes were challenging as well as rewarding as I felt a personal progression week on week. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation at the end of the class that included a little head massage!

I miss these weekly in person lessons a lot and would highly recommend anyone who is considering giving yoga a try to attend one of Sophia's classes, you won't regret it!"


"Sophias class was introduced to us at work as part of a wellbeing initiative.

I love that it has made me stronger and more flexible, challenges me but also relaxes me. It never fails to make me feel better, calmer, less stressed and at peace. Sophia is calm and encouraging and the class has always been suitable for all abilities. There is never any pressure to push yourself beyond what you feel capable of on that particular day, but more guidance in how to help your body to achieve more.

I always look forward to my yoga classes with Sophia as I know they are going to make me feel great. When I started yoga I never expected the changes I could make in my flexibility and strength through what is such a gentle, clam practice. My balance, core strength and flexibility have all improved considerably"

Clare x

"I started zoom yoga classes with Sophia early in the lockdown, after a hearty recommendation from my daughter who had enjoyed in-person classes with Sophia in London.

I was really looking for something to increase my strength and flexibility but also to keep me grounded in the midst of the pandemic.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I found Sophia's Dynamic Yoga Flow Class! At every class I feel welcomed, supported and challenged as Sophia guides us and helps us to build confidence in our own abilities. My strength and flexibility are much improved and the calmness that I feel at the close of each session stays with me as progress through my week.

Sophia is a very talented and caring yoga teacher and I absolutely recommend her to you"

Joanne Xx

"I was working as head of Marketing in a studio where Sophia was teaching. A few other employees in the studio encouraged me to try her classes.

I love Sophia's classes. I loved them from the start. First of all because it's not at all performative. Sophia guides you to the pose by describing the process and demonstrating them only if necessary. I really liked that approach. She said "I am not showing you what my pose looks like because we don't have the same level at all!". I found the class very inclusive and kind. The thing with Yoga is that you need a kind teacher because it's SO intense when you start! But I really saw the benefits of my weekly classes after a few weeks. My posture, my core, my strength. I felt brand new.

I really love my weekly class with Sophia. I have made so much progress over the past 1.5 year! I can now not only do a headstand very esily but I also know which poses to do on my own after a day sitting in an office!

I also asked Sophia to teach me a private online lesson on my wedding day to start the day not only on a positive note but also to have the best possible posture for photos and I felt amazing on the day!"


"I found Sophias online classes through my daughters school who arranged a class during the lockdown for the parents, it stopped with the school but I continued it.

Sophia is a good teacher & encourages you to push yourself but not too hard. I'm not one to leave the house for exercise lessons/gym so doing Zoom works for me.

From taking Sophias classes, my body feels much toner, especially my legs & arms. I probably need to do more to tone my stomach & bottom, but that's me. Also I feel physically & mentally great after I've done a lesson.

I feel lucky that I've found Sophia & appreciate that I can pay when I want to join a lesson. I wish I had done this years ago!"


"I joined Sophia's sessions 4 years ago when she started at Mill Hill School offering Yoga to both our Staff and Pupils.

Having done very little Yoga previously, and being a county tennis player and a keen runner and cyclist I needed an activity to assist with my flexibility whilst also giving me some personal space away from a busy work/social life.

I can honestly say that Sophia's classes have ticked every single box assisting with my mental relaxation and wellbeing and of course improvement of my flexibility. Her sessions particularly helped me during a recent family bereavement - her support and friendship have been so appreciated.

Sophia's classes are dynamic and creative and I love the fact that with every pose she offers differing levels of challenge based on your ability so perfect for someone like me!

A Thursday lunch Yoga session with Sophia is the highlight of my week and I'm delighted that we've been able to continue virtual sessions and I'm very much looking forward to a future Cyprus Yoga retreat!"

Sarah x

"I started taking Sophia's yoga lessons at Danceworks around 2.5 years ago on the recommendation of a friend at work and continued via Zoom over lockdown. I like how every class is different but that Sophia still builds in continuity with elements like balances in a way that allows me to make progress. I feel like my headstands have improved loads! Sophia is a kind and supportive teacher and her lessons are the most chilled-out forty minutes of my week."


"Sophia started teaching yoga at Mill Hill School and we were offered lunch time lessons twice a week. As I had just started with yoga this was an amazing opportunity.

Sophia really started my passion for yoga. Her lessons are an amazing combination of deep exercise but also total relaxation. The combination of Sophia's pleasant voice and her gracefulness when demonstrating is a real treat. I always felt very happy and relaxed after the lessons.

I moved from a self-taught beginner to a confident yogi during Sophia's practise. My breathing, strengths and flexibility greatly improved"


"The very best lessons I've ever yoga done! Weekly lunchtime yoga lessons were a real highlight of the week and a brilliant way to escape the stresses of work. Sophia's combination of relaxation, breathing exercises and mindfulness, with such a great variety of dynamic flow exercises that were both accessible and challenging made it so enjoyable. I was able to notice an improvement in both my flexibility and balance, as well as confidence to try new poses. It was wonderful!"