"Your First Dance, To Your Favourite Song"

My  job is to make you both feel as comfortable as possible during our sessions, not only while dancing and learning your routine with me as your teacher but also to feel at ease dancing with each other. 

Our first wedding dance lessons are designed to leave you both feeling confident, happy and excited to dance at your wedding.

Many couples have not or do not often dance together and their first wedding dance lessons can be their first time, our lessons will ease any concerns and will have you both moving together in synchronicity before you know it.

We will develop a choreography that is suitable for both your levels, that you both enjoy performing, with any ideas or wants you may have in mind. 

We will create the perfect routine to 'your song', that will show your guests the love between the two of you and will get the dancing/party started on your special day. 

We decided at the last minute that we would like to have a dance lesson for our first dance... and Sophia was brilliant. In only two hours she helped us work out and rehearse a perfect dance that had simple but fun moves that worked for us! On the day we got a lot of compliments and whistles and it made the day all the more special. I actually found the process of having dance class really bonding for us in a completely new way which was s0

special and magical just before our wedding! And even Tommy said he actually really enjoyed the dance lesson but I wasn't allowed to tell anyone.. Thank you Sophia!


(Wedding Dance)

My husband and I wanted to learn a Bollywood choreography for our upcoming wedding. We had a song in mind but no experience in dancing Bollywood whatsoever, not even my Indian husband. We had agreed with Sophia to have 3 hours of practice. At start, thought it was too optimistic to learn an entire song in just 3 hours, but we did! 

Sophia is an amazing teacher and a brilliant dancer. We forgot to inform Sophia in advance that we wanted a specific choreography, so when we met for the first time she had to quickly adapt the dance on the spot - and what an excellent job she did! Both my husband and I were very impressed how she managed to decode the dance on the screen and explain it to us in simple moves.

Sophia is also a very easy person to work with, flexible when our diaries had to change and overall a great person. We enjoyed learning from her and had a FANTASTIC wedding dance on the day! It was the highlight of our entire event and, apart from hundreds of complements we have received, we also caught the attention of a Bollywood producer who was very impressed with our performance - all thanks to our teacher!


(Wedding Dance)

Thanks a lot for your time and effort to do this for us- we really appreciate it. Probably couldn’t be easy with our high ambitions but inflexible bodies haha.

We both love the dance and can’t wait to perform it (after some more practice of course).

As you are back from your holidays before the big day we would love for you and your boyfriend to join us at the wedding and reception XX

(Wedding Dance)

Sophia, thanks so much for your help with our first dance. It was beautifully choreographed and we had so many positive comments. You helped make our day special and we’ll always be grateful for that x


(Wedding Dance)

Sophia was a great instructor. We went from mad panic to assured calmness in just an hour. She tailored the routine to our capabilities and was really flexible about adjusting the dance to suit our needs. I would highly recommend her to other couples looking for a wedding dance instructor!

Thanks, Chirag

(Wedding Dance)

Sophia was a brilliant dance tutor and made our wedding day extremely special. Both my partner and I had never done any dancing in the past and so we were really apprehensive about the whole experience. However, as soon as we met Sophia she put us at ease. She made sure to ask that we were comfortable with all her thoughts around the routine and also made everything suitable for our level. She was very structured in her approach and how we would achieve everything over the time allocated. Our wedding dance was a mix between a John Legend song and a Bollywood hit and Sophia taught both styles of dance extremely well. I would highly recommend Sophia in the future and it has definitely inspired us to start taking a few dance classes.

Thanks, Farah

(Wedding Dance)

Hi Sophia,

It was a huge pleasure to have our dance classes with you prior to our wedding. You made what was a daunting part of an already stressful day far more manageable and ultimately a lot of fun. Given we were complete novices in any type of choreographed dance you took control and guided us brilliantly whilst always listening to any concerns or suggestions we had along the way. At the end of our 6 lessons felt not only comfortable with the routine but was proud that we were able to put something together that was a little bit different and was also fun to perform.


(Wedding Dance)

Hi Sophia,

The wedding went really well and the dance came off perfectly. Thank you so much for your help your effort to work with us on the moves and time taken to put together our dance was perfect especially in the short amount of time we had. The transition from Indian to Iranian went down really well! It really was the highlight of the wedding for both us and our guests- thank you :-)

Thanks, Hamid

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